A Lion for a Tomb (Ignatius of Antioch)


Razim’s family are Muslim. His best friend, Daniel, is Christian. It’s never mattered before. But now Razim’s brother has become a crazed Islamic extremist and Daniel has turned into a total Jesus freak—and Razim is caught in the middle.

When Razim stumbles across a prayer card of an old man with brown skin just like his, who seems mind-bogglingly happy that he’s being eaten by lions, Razim’s curiosity overflows.

What could possibly make a man happy to face his own death?

And will Razim have to risk his own to find out?

The fourth book in the Friends in High Places series, A Lion for a Tomb can be read on its own. The series is Parental Guidance since it contains some mature themes.
Friends in High Places is a short fiction series that presents saints’ biographies in the context of imaginary teenagers’ lives. The stories are written primarily to entertain, with inspiration and education thrown in for free!


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