FUN FACT: Corinna Turner was awarded the Saint Katherine Drexel Award in 2022 by the Catholic Library Association!


The spreadsheet below provides librarians with the following information:

Title, Series, Author, Genre, Audience (adult, YA, children’s, middle grade), Publisher, Publication Date, Paperback ISBN, ePub ISBN, Kindle ASIN, Distributor(s), Awards

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The spreadsheet covers the following titles:


I Am Margaret series by Corinna Turner

  1. I Am Margaret
  2. The Three Most Wanted
  3. Liberation
  4. Bane’s Eyes
  5. Margo’s Diary
  6. The Siege of Reginald Hill
  7. A Saint in the Family

Brothers: A Short Prequel Novella

I Am Margaret: The Play (Standard & Director’s editions)

The Underappreciated Virtues of Rusty Old Bicycles: A Short Story


Friends in High Places series by Corinna Turner

  1. The Boy Who Knew (Carlo Acutis)
  2. Old Men Don’t Walk to Egypt (Saint Joseph)
  3. Child, Unwanted (Margaret of Castello)

Do Carpenters Dream of Wooden Sheep? (A Spin-off)


unSPARKed series by Corinna Turner

  1. Please Don’t Feed the Dinosaurs
  2. A Truly Raptor-ous Welcome
  3. PANIC!
  4. Farmgirls Die in Cages
  5. Wild Life
  6. A Right Rex Rodeo



A Very Jurassic Christmas

Liam and the Hunters of Lee’Vi: A Short Story


Last Things series by Corinna Turner

  1. Three Last Things
  2. A Changing of the Guard


Elfling series by Corinna Turner

  1. Elfling
  2. The Most Expensive Alley Cat in London: A Short Story


Mandy Lamb series by Corinna Turner

  1. Mandy Lamb and the Full Moon
  2. The Wolf, the Lamb, and the Air Balloon


Yesterday & Tomorrow series by Corinna Turner

Someday: A Novella



Io Sono Margaret [I Am Margaret – Italian]

El Chico Que Lo Sabía (Carlo Acutis) [The Boy Who Knew – Spanish]

Il Ragazzo Che Sapeva (Carlo Acutis) [The Boy Who Knew – Italian]

boží ajťák: 9 dní s carlem acutisem: příběh [The Boy Who Knew – Czech]



Secrets: Visible & Invisible [Short story – The Underappreciated Virtues of Rusty Old Bicycles – also available separately.]

Gifts: Visible & Invisible – [Short story – A Very Jurassic Christmas Eve – Full length novella version available separately.]

Treasures: Visible & Invisible [Short story- The Underappreciated Virtues of Green-fingered Monsters – also available in A Saint in the Family]


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