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I’m available for visits and for virtual visits!

Author Talks & Workshops

I am happy to do visits, talks, or workshops for schools, parish groups, homeschooling groups, conferences, retreats, or whatever you are! I’m able to travel within a reasonable radius of Gloucestershire. Longer distances are possible but might involve an overnight stay.
If you’re in the States, Canada, Australia, or some far-flung corner of the world (or of the UK!) then I’m happy to make a Virtual Visit via Skype, WhatsApp, or another programme.


  • Interactive author talk/book reading, either general or about a specific series or book (with the option of focusing on a particular subject – Pro-Life, Religious Persecution, the liturgical season etc.).
  • Bl. Carlo Acutis, his life, death, spirituality, legacy & beatification.
  • Bring Back Our Girls – A talk about the 2014 kidnapping of the Chibok schoolgirls in Nigeria, over a hundred of whom are still missing, and my retelling of the story in my novella SOMEDAY, published in aid of charity Aid to the Church in Need.
  • Pro-Life talks – Either An Overview of Current Pro-Life Issues or A Basic Introduction to Pro-Life Conversation (with focus on SLED).
  • Breaking out of the Box – A general talk about how I stopped writing mainstream fiction and allowed faith to enter my work.
  • My Conversion Story, from Methodist, to Anglican, to Catholic, to (almost) religious sister, to Lay Dominican and Catholic author…
  • Catholic Author in the Woods – A talk about the intensive survival course I attended in February 2017 (Read about it in the Holy Week Catholic Herald HERE).
  • Pick Your Own Topic – Let me know what you’d like me to talk about and if I think I can do it justice, I will!


  • Creative Writing Workshop, with focus on including faith.
  • Virtue & Vice: Why Catholic fiction? The need to bring together our Faith and our Reading (and Viewing) habits.
  • Pro-Life workshops – Both my pro-Life talks can be presented as workshops. Either, An Overview of Current Pro-Life Issues or A Basic Introduction to Pro-Life Conversation (with focus on SLED).
  • Communicating Christ: Confident Christian Communication. This half day course aims to build people’s confidence in sharing their faith through preparing and practising a 2 minute ‘testimony’, a brief account of their faith story.

As well as talks, I have also done events as varied as judging a school reading competition, leading a Cafe Church session, and going on stage with a stand-up comedian. If you have something in mind, get in touch.


My usual fees are as follows:

Single session – £150

Half day – £250

Full day – £350

Travel 45p p/mile

In cases of genuine need, I may be able to reduce or waive fees, provided I am able to have a stall and sell books at the event. Conferences, please get in touch.

Accommodation (if required when travelling a longer distance) – Cost price. I have a campervan so a drive or a private car park are fine, if available, otherwise a campsite. However, for a really long distance I might prefer to come by train, in which case a B&B or a room in a family home would be necessary.

If you want me to come to your country, I’m more than happy, but you will need to buy me a plane ticket!

I don’t specify a minimum number for events, but I’d rather not be giving a creative writing workshop to too huge a crowd because they wouldn’t each get enough personal attention. For a talk or catechesis session, as few or as many as you like!

Virtual Visits

For a Virtual Visit, single session, I’d charge £60 (about US$80 when I wrote this!).

For a longer virtual event, please get in touch.

Contact me at CorinnaTAuthor @

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All of my books have received the Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writers Guild (like an imprimatur for fiction) or are in the process of getting it in the case of new releases.

I am a Lay Dominican in good standing with the Catholic Church
who sometimes writes for the Catholic Herald (see HERE).