DRIVE! (Old Book 1)

PLEASE NOTE: DRIVE! was the original first book in the unSPARKed series. It has now been replaced by PLEASE DON’T FEED THE DINOSAURS, which knits together DRIVE! with the short story ‘A Dino Whisperer at the Zoo’ along with a small amount of original material.

Carol’s scream assaults my ears, even as I’m bringing the gun round… I fire, hitting the raptor in the tail as it darts away… No time to check on Carol, I turn again… the pack matriarch is busy ripping the grille back from Harry’s window…

One gun’s enough, is it, Dad? Really? We have so had it…


When Darryl’s Dad suddenly remarries, she and her brother Harry are taken completely by surprise. Their new step-mom is a glamorous fashion designer who’s never been outside the city fence in her life. How will she cope with a life of dinosaur farming?
Still, they try to make up their minds to be welcoming.
But first, Darryl’s Dad needs to get his new bride safely to the farm.
And things don’t go quite to plan…

The first in a fantastically fun novella series from the Carnegie Medal Nominated author of the I AM MARGARET books.

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What a terrifying futuristic world Turner has created! I am a huge fan of this author and am always impressed with how different all her stories are. Look forward to the next one in this series!
LESLEA WAHL, author of award-winning The Perfect Blindside

A cross between Jurassic World and Mad Max! Fun, fast paced. And sets up an incredible new world. I read it three times in two days!
STEVEN R MCEVOY, BookReviewsAndMore Blogger and Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

Very short, but extremely exciting. … The action is brutal, but it drags you in and doesn’t let you go until you hit the last page. 

Jurassic Park fans will love this short!
CAROLYN ASTFALK, author of Rightfully Ours