‘The Most Expensive Alley Cat in London’ – A Short Story


Young Serapia Ravena is living rough on the streets of old London, along with her dragon-like pet, Raven. Starving and desperate after a near-fatal illness, Serapia is delighted to find the meal she so desperately needs to survive—even if it’s just a skinny white alley cat. But nothing about this cat is as she expects. It may provide a very different means of deliverance—or doom.

If you love tales of good and evil, compassion and survival, secret agents and dragonets, you’ll love this heart-warming short story in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. ‘The Most Expensive Alley Cat in London’ is a standalone short story related to the novel ‘Elfling,’ Winner of the 2019 ‘Teen’ CPA Book Award.

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