BBC Radio 4 interview

I was honoured to have the opportunity to speak about Bl. Carlo Acuits on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday morning, after the recent canonisation news. Apparently I’m the British Acutis expert (or at least the only one available at short notice early on Sunday morning!). Clip (4 mins) starts at 18 minutes in.


A boy in ancient Israel, a girl in modern-day America, a young man in the far future; a dozen teenagers in different settings. What do they all have in common? Each of these otherwise unrelated young people is presented with a choice, the same choice that every teen must make at some point in their lives: God or self. Sacrifice or selfishness. (of which I am a member) is excited to announce its newest anthology: Ashes: Visible and Invisible. This short story collection, which comes out on January 31, will both entertain young readers and invite them into a deeper understanding of Lent and their faith.

Some characters in this anthology risk being eaten by dinosaurs, others must simply rise to a new level of maturity in their everyday life, while some must choose a higher level of generosity. The stakes my vary but each character learns a valuable lesson about sacrifice as they grow in their faith.

Why Lent?

Lent is an amazing liturgical season that is often misunderstood. Too often it’s just “the time where you give up chocolate” whereas it can be so much more. It’s a beautiful and liturgically rich season of walking with Christ, even as he approaches Calvary. We wanted to explore some of the variety this season offers and make it more attractive and understandable to teens. My contribution is a brand new unSPARKed short story called ‘A Very Jurassic Lent.’

A taste of what’s inside:

  • When Liz’s faith journey hits a roadblock, will an unexpected detour and chance encounter set her back on track?
  • A teen’s future was all set—before his tragic loss. But his friend’s secret past just might save it.
  • Justin’s religion is outlawed. When an unbeliever asks him about the meaning of life, what can he say?
  • Could God be asking Paul to sacrifice a piece of himself for Lent—literally?
  • A modern American teen discovers what faith, life and love are like in seventeenth-century Scotland.
  • Asher’s desire to prepare for the Messiah intensifies after he’s robbed by bandits. But would fighting alongside the Zealots be the best way?
  • When a risky Ash Wednesday mission to sterilize T. rex eggs goes wrong, fasting is the least of Joshua, Darryl, and Harry’s worries.
  • A medieval girl stranded on a forsaken path confronts threats from without and turmoil from within.
  • Struggling with loss, hunger, and temptation, Ethan finds himself walking in the steps of Jesus

What other people are saying about it:

The Catholic Teen Book authors have done it again! We loved this book from page one; it’s a great way to dig deeper into Lent with your teens. The book has a story for everyone, and they all share the faith in different but wonderful ways. Highly recommend!
Jennifer & Kate Waldyke,
Co-hosts of Catholic Mom and Daughter

‘Ashes’, the latest compilation of stories from provides teen readers with plenty to think about. This compilation focuses on the theme of Lent, Easter, and our own mortality. In each of these stories, there is an encounter with death. Sometimes a death is pending or has just occurred or is threatening nearby. But the experienced and very talented authors at have not presented a depressing, frightening or dark anthology here. Instead, I was surprised to find that each story is uplifting, hopeful and very inspiring.
What binds these stories is that each young person must make a leap of Faith, take a step into a fuller, more mature understanding of their Catholic Faith. Characters are called to forgive, to resist temptation, to be courageous, to be steadfast and responsible. All of them come to understand on a deeper level the sacrificial nature of Love. I highly recommend this collection of stories from the authors at
Melinda Harrington
Catholic Children’s Stories

This is the fourth anthology from the authors at the Catholic Teen Books collective. Each has been a great read. This Lenten volume is also, to be honest, my favourite of the four now. Each story was remarkable. Many of the contributors to this collection, in their own way, imitate Christ and are master storytellers in our own generation. I have a great deal of respect for the ten authors who contributed to this series. And a couple of them are among my all-time favourite authors. And I read a couple hundred books a year. This anthology is Amazing!
Steven R. McEvoy,


Click here to enter a giveaway for this book and some other cool lent-themed items. 

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2022 Releases!

2022 was a busy year for the unSPARKed series, with a total of 5 titles released!

What is the unSPARKed series?
In a Jurassic future, humans no longer have dominion over the earth. Most people live in cities, behind high electric fences, but some choose the freedom of life unSPARKed, close to nature. If you like Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and Mad Max, you’ll love this pulse-pounding, futuristic, dino-dystopian series with a western twist. Since 2017, award-winning author Corinna Turner has been writing the unSPARKed series. Check it out today!

1.Please Don’t Feed the Dinosaurs


It takes more than a T. rex scratching its back on his Habitat Vehicle to alarm young hunter Joshua—he’s used to living close to nature. But a routine visit to the zoo to deliver a new velociraptor turns deadly when he comes face-to-face with an eleven-foot allosaur called Gold. He knew her when she was a tiny chick—is he a friend from the past—or dinner?

Meanwhile, Darryl and her brother, Harry, are taken completely by surprise when their father remarries. Their new step-mom is a glamorous fashion designer who’s never been outside the city’s electric fences. How will she cope with a life of dinosaur farming? All Darryl can do is try to get her new stepmom safely to the farm. But once you’re unSPARKed, things don’t always go to plan…

From the Carnegie Medal Nominated author of the I AM MARGARET books, adventure lovers will love this fast-paced, fantastically fun series, which has been compared to Jurassic Park and Mad Max.

PLEASE NOTE: Please Don’t Feed the Dinosaurs knits together the original unSPARKed book 1, DRIVE!, with the short story ‘A Dino Whisperer at the Zoo,’ along with a small amount of original material.

Choice of formats and stores HERE.


6. A Right Rex Rodeo


Desperate for some clue about their father’s fate, Darryl and Harry risk attending the Midwinter Hunter Fair with Josh. But after the rodeo, bonfires, and storytelling are over, a dangerous expedition in search of answers may be their only hope. Even though it means venturing into enemy territory—alone.
Should they risk all on one last attempt—or admit defeat and flee?

Choice of formats and stores HERE.



After breaking into Jason’s illegal rex farm to hunt for their kidnapped dad, farm-teens Darryl and Harry, along with young hunter Joshua, have taken extreme measures to escape capture by Jason. But with Darryl now lost in the dark mountains and Josh badly injured, their troubles are far from over. Yet the greatest threat to their survival may be the fears they carry within.

Choice of formats and stores HERE.


8. A Different Kind of Camouflage

Farm kids Darryl and Harry have experienced the freedom—and dangers—of life as hunters for almost a year while traveling with Josh.
But the authorities have finally caught up with them. Taken to the city against their will, they must both swap wildlife and open skies for concrete and fumes.
In the face of inflexible bureaucrats and ever-watchful social workers, can they remain faithful to their identity and hold onto their hope that one day they will live free again—and be reunited with those they love?

Choice of formats and stores HERE.


9. Different Kind of Freedom


Young hunter Joshua suffers from severe city-phobia, but now he’s trapped in-city, sentenced to hard prison time for helping Darryl and Harry evade the city authorities for so long. Even if he can survive the threat from inside his own mind, can he navigate the dangers of prison life?
Thrown in with a tough pack of fellow hunters, tensions run high and personalities clash. Will fragile alliances bloom into true friendships or will anger and hatred spiral into violence?
Can the Raptor Whisperer survive being caged with the most dangerous creatures of all—his fellow men?

Choice of formats and stores HERE.

Stock the Shelves Campaign now on!

UnSeen Books is delighted to be taking part in the ‘Stock the Shelves’ campaign, which is running from May 15 – June 3, 2022, with the goal of of promoting Catholic and Orthodox fiction in local libraries!



Did you know that, as a patron and taxpayer, you can suggest books for your public library’s permanent collection? Librarians are always looking for new, interesting reads, and that includes fiction from Catholic and Orthodox Christian voices! Recommending books is a great way to share the fruits of the sacramental imagination with a wider audience.


1) Copy book information from publisher/author’s website (linked below) or bookmark this page on your phone.

2) Bring the information with you on your next library trip.

3) Say to your friendly librarian, “May I request [wonderful book] for your collection, please?”

4) Provide the book information.

5) With prayer and a little luck, the library will take up your suggestion!

Alternatively, check the library’s website for an online request form.


You can find the necessary information about all Corinna Turner’s titles on the new Library page!

For more information about the Stock the Shelves campaign, click HERE.

2021 Releases!

I’ve been terrible about updating my site this year, so here are my 2021 releases all in one post!

BRAND NEW RELEASE! A SAINT IN THE FAMILY (November 2021) – I Am Margaret book 7




Fr. Kyle Verrall has lived his life in the shadow of his famous sister, Margaret—and that’s fine by him. But after his kidnapping by Reginald Hill, he must learn to cope not only with his physical injuries, but also with his unwelcome new popularity. Meanwhile, Margaret continues her fight for true democracy. But can she practise what she preaches and forgive her oldest enemy?

This volume contains two novellas, A SAINT IN THE FAMILY and PERSISTENCE, which follow on from the events of THE SIEGE OF REGINALD HILL. It also includes five short stories.



A very powerful collection. I do not produce a lot of tears, but this volume brought me to tears more than once. Persistence had the deepest impact on me. I have really struggled to forgive my mother. And it was almost 8 years after she passed before I had Masses said for her. It was a book by Theresa Linden, Tortured Soul, which softened my heart, and started a healing process. The story Persistence has softened it a lot more.

STEVEN R. MCEVOY, blogger,


A fantastic collection of short stories which enriches the I Am Margaret world with touching moments of brotherhood, sacrifice and devotion. I laughed, I cried, it made me think differently about life, death, heaven and hell—what more could you want from a book?


Available here:

Other sources & formats (some may still be coming online so you may need to search manually on the site)


WILD LIFE (September 2021) – unSPARKed book 5


Having avoided being separated and taken in-city, there’s still a chance Darryl and Harry can rescue their father from his kidnappers. As they settle into their new life as young hunter Joshua’s assistants, Josh can teach them how to handle the wildlife—but worse threats loom on the horizon.

The fifth quick-read in a fantastically fun series from the Carnegie Medal Nominated author of the I AM MARGARET books.

How I wish these books had been written when I was a child! Highly recommended action and adventure for dino enthusiasts of all ages!
KATY HUTH JONES, author of Treachery and Truth

Darryl and Harry may be safe for now, but they still have a lot to learn from the hunter Joshua about living in the wild. The stakes are rising in this unmissable new entry in the unSPARKed series, an adventurous tale of family drama, faith, and dinosaurs!

A couple of teenagers trying to put their family back together… while learning how to hunt dinosaurs, and making sure that they don’t end up being hunted themselves. An entertaining premise, compelling—and admirable—young characters, and skilful fast-paced writing.
Hard to put down.

MARIE C. KEISER, author of Heaven’s Hunter

Available here:

Other sources & formats


CHILD, UNWANTED (MARGARET OF CASTELLO) (September 2021) – Friends in High Places book 3


Abandoned by everyone in his life and scarred from a failed abortion attempt, Miri struggles to believe his new foster family could really want him. When a devastating accident changes everything, all hope seems gone—until a young woman once equally unwanted starts visiting him in hospital. Can ‘Little Margaret’ teach Miri that his life is still worth living, now more than ever?

The third book in the Friends in High Places series, Child, Unwanted can be read as a standalone. The series is Parental Guidance since it contains some mature themes.

Friends in High Places is a short fiction series that presents saints’ biographies in the context of imaginary teenagers’ lives. The stories are written primarily to entertain, with inspiration and education thrown in for free!

Available here:

Other sources & formats


OLD MEN DON’T WALK TO EGYPT (SAINT JOSEPH) (June 2021) – Friends in High Places book 2


Katie has everything she thinks she wants—friends, popularity, and a gorgeous athletic older boyfriend. But the more time she spends with Shaun, the more miserable she feels.

When freaky Daniel suggests Saint Joseph for her research project, her supposedly perfect life spirals out of control. Will the carpenter from Nazareth destroy everything she thinks matters—or give her even the things she didn’t know she wanted?

Old Men Don’t Walk to Egypt is the second book in the Friends in High Places series, but can be read on its own. The series is Parental Guidance since it contains some mature themes.

“Despite being beyond blessed as a Dominican Sister of Saint Joseph to be under his patronage, I always struggled most of all in getting to know St Joseph as a flesh-and-blood person. Seeing him through Katie’s eyes has had a beautiful and unexpected impact on my own relationship with him and—finally—I’ve found a friend and spiritual father in St Joseph!”
– Sr. M. Catherine Bloom, OP

Friends in High Places is a short fiction series that presents saints’ biographies in the context of imaginary teenagers’ lives. The stories are written primarily to entertain, with inspiration and education thrown in for free! 

Available here:

Other sources & formats


DO CARPENTERS DREAM OF WOODEN SHEEP? (May 2021) – A Friends in High Places story


Razim’s staying overnight to help his friend Daniel, who’s sick with leukaemia, but he’s forgotten his phone! Lying awake after watching Bladerunner, Razim reads the only story he can find—about Joseph and Mary—only to fall asleep and find himself in futuristic Merillia.

In Merillia, his name is Cleopas, and his big brother, Jo, is considering an arranged marriage to a girl called Miryam. Soon, events are in motion that will change their lives—and the world—forever.

For anyone who feels over-familiar with the story of St. Joseph and the Holy Family after Christmas after Christmas of nativity plays, this imaginative re-telling thoroughly blows the dust off.

A standalone spin-off from Corinna Turner’s ‘Friends in High Places’ series, it can be read on its own or in between books 1 and 2.


The friendship in action of Razim shines through, as does Daniel’s deep faith in God. Razim’s dream is an imaginative retelling of St. Joseph’s life and should appeal to the techie gadget-loving reader. This is a story that will work with young adults male and female.

A fresh and enjoyable approach to the life of St. Joseph, cleverly incorporated into a dream. The story really hit home for me on several levels.
ANDREA JO RODGERS, author of award-winning Saving Mount Rushmore

It’s difficult to re-tell such an overly familiar story like Joseph’s and the Nativity story, but this creative adaption gives it a fresh twist!
CAROLYN ASTFALK, author of Rightfully Ours

Really great for nerds like me!
ROBERT, age 12

Available here:

Other sources & formats


A CHANGING OF THE GUARD (March 2021) – Last Things book 2




Tomas Flores hates serving on the prison’s Death Squad—and now he may be about to lose his job thanks to his actions during Carl Jarrold’s hellish execution. Desperate and conflicted, where can he turn?

Father Jacob Thompson has spent decades opening his heart to convicted murderers—only to watch them die. Now his last black sheep is safely gathered in and he’s ready to rest—but will the Lord let him?

If you loved the tense, “psychologically-compelling,” spiritual thriller Three Last Things: or, the Hounding of Carl Jarrold, Soulless Assassin, then this heart-wrenching, emotionally-taut sequel is for you.

Available here:

Other sources & formats


‘Liam and the Hunters of Lee’Vi’ (February 2021) – An unSPARKed short story

It’s Christmas week, but sixteen-year-old Tam and the hunters of the Lee’Vi are out looking for a pack of Utahraptors. Instead, they find a boy staggering through the snow, on a mission to save his family. Can they find them before it’s too late?

From the Carnegie Medal Nominated author of the I AM MARGARET series, this thrilling unSPARKed short story provides a pulse-pounding introduction to the series.

Available here:

Other sources & formats


My final 2021 release was a short story contribution to the anthology TREASURES: VISIBLE & INVISIBLE which got its own blog post.

Treasures: Visible & Invisible


Treasures: Visible & Invisible


Theresa Linden, Susan Peek, Antony Kolenc, Amanda Lauer Carolyn Astfalk, Leslea Wahl, T.M. Gaouette, and Corinna Turner.

 – A brand new Saint Patrick Anthology –

From the early days of the Church, objects touched to holy men and women have been linked to the miraculous, such as described in Acts: “when face cloths or aprons that touched his skin were applied to the sick, their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them.” Acts 19:12

Catholic Teen Books have just released their latest anthology, nicely in time for Saint Patrick’s day next Wednesday. Celebrate this year with an anthology of gripping stories honouring the saint!

Check out the mini-blurbs below:

  • A teen boy sets out to save a friend from pagan druids, but maybe he’s the one who needs saving.
  • Between a baffling scripture verse and a visit from Heaven, a young monk is in for the surprise of his life.
  • A young girl seeks a mysterious treasure that holds the key to granting a nun’s dying wish.
  • Honora is desperate—then a peculiar clover and a mysterious young man change everything.
  • William’s weekend job is a little gift from heaven, but now his family needs a real miracle.
  • When threatened by mobsters, Grace receives help from a surprising source.
  • Alone and afraid, a young girl finds friendship in a stranger. But could this boy be trouble?
  • Kyle was determined to save the precious relic – but now his whole family is in danger. (This is my contribution – it’s a brand new I Am Margaret prequel story.)

You can buy the book from Amazon:
or anywhere that sells books.

Find the anthology at Goodreads:
(Why not leave a review and let other readers know what you thought?

Or check it out at:



Can you watch the foot-tapping Book Trailer all the way through without dancing around the room?


You can even win the anthology in a giveaway.
Don’t miss it! See below!

Click HERE for the Giveaway! 
(Sorry, US Winners Only!)


See what the Advance Reviewers thought:


In a world where today’s young adults are constantly surrounded by media that is trying desperately to tear them down, it is a blessing to have books like this that reaffirms our Catholic faith.  Not only does each author give us a great story to read, they also challenge us to think about things like: the hardships of people in our ancient church, putting Grandma first on our social calendars, praying to God when in the midst of fear and suffering, staying strong in our faith while looking death in the face, listening to unlikely friends who lead us on the path to Christ, and ultimately realizing there is sacredness in the relics of our church.  You only find stories that build our faith like this in very special books.  The “building-up”of today’s youth is at the very heart and soul of what the authors are trying to do here, and they have done an amazing job.
Beth Ruggiero
Lit by the Tree, Literature reviews from the Catholic side.

I invite teens, and readers of all ages, to stand on the craggy wind-swept cliff of your imagination, and experience the collection of stories called, Treasures: Visible and Invisible, created by the talented team of authors from Catholic Teen Books. With a shamrock as our touchstone, this book takes us on a journey through an expanse of time from ancient to modern. Be inspired by the holy greatness of heroism rooted in the spiritual treasures of the Emerald Isle.
Cathy Gilmore,
Creator and advocator of stories that inspire heroic virtue.

We thoroughly enjoyed this cleverly written book about the intercession of St. Patrick throughout the ages. The combination of dynamic characters and intriguing stories kept us hooked from start to finish. A valuable addition to your St. Patrick’s Day bookshelf!
Jennifer & Kate Waldyke,
Co-hosts of Catholic Mom and Daughter

This is the third collection from the authors of Catholic Teen Books. It was an inspiring read. Some stories are of miracles and others about change. Two contributors from the previous collection did not contribute and two new ones have joined the fray. In this collection are 8 stories from the 14 authors who currently compose the collective. My first thought was wow! What an amazing collection of stories around Saint Patrick! I am aware that not everyone likes short stories, but I love them, and this collection is amazing! Short stories are a different art form than novels, and not all novelists have mastered the craft. For a short story to be good, the writing needs to be tighter, cleaner, and crisper. And each of the 8 in this collection is extremely well written…
(Full review on
Steven R. McEvoy,

What a gift to Catholic teens and their families! Each piece in this collection of stories revolving around St Patrick is a beautiful portrayal of the faith. These are wholesome, engaging, and inspiring tales from a variety of genres that will both entertain and spiritually nourish every reader who picks up this book.  
Katie Fitzgerald,


For more posts about the anthology, here is the Blog Tour Schedule:

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March 17         Catholic Teen Books               Catholic Teen Books


And you can read all the Author Bios below:

THERESA LINDEN is the author of award-winning Catholic fiction, including the West Brothers contemporary series and the Chasing Liberty dystopian trilogy. One of her great joys is to bring elements of faith to life through a story. She has more than a dozen published books, three of which won awards from the Catholic Press Association. Her short stories appear in several anthologies, including Secrets: Visible & Invisible, and Gifts: Visible & Invisible. Her articles and interviews can be found on various radio shows and in magazines, including EWTN’s The Good Fight, The National Catholic Register, Catholic Digest, Today’s Catholic Teacher, and Catholic Mom. Her books are featured online on Catholic Teen Books, Catholic Reads, FORMED, and Virtue Works Media. A wife, homeschooling mom, and Secular Franciscan, she resides in northeast Ohio with her husband and children. You can learn more about her at


SUSAN PEEK is a wife, mother, grandmother, Third Order Franciscan, and bestselling Catholic novelist. Her passion is writing stories of little-known saints and heroes. All her young adult novels have been awarded the coveted Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval and are implemented into Catholic school curricula not only across the nation, but in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as well. Saint Magnus the Last Viking and The King’s Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland were both Amazon #1 Sellers among Catholic books. The King’s Prey was also voted one of Catholic Reads TOP 10 BEST CATHOLIC BOOKS OF 2017 and was a Finalist for the 2018 Catholic Arts and Letters Award. Crusader King was featured as one of the 50 Most Popular Catholic Homeschooling Books in 2013. Susan lives in northeastern Kansas, where she can usually be found with her nose in a book, researching obscure saints to write about. Visit her at


ANTONY BARONE KOLENC is the author of The Harwood Mysteries, an exciting historical-fiction series for youth published by Loyola Press. He is a long-time member of the Catholic Writers Guild, and his novels all have the Catholic Writers Guild’s Seal of Approval. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps after 21 years of military service. A law professor who’s had his works published in numerous journals and magazines, Kolenc now speaks at legal, writing, and home-education events. He and his wife, Alisa, are the parents of five children, and have been blessed with three wonderful grandchildren. To learn more about The Harwood Mysteries and its author, visit


AMANDA LAUER loves writing books—particularly Young Adult Historic Fiction—that portray the Church in a positive light and depict God’s children endeavoring to become the best version of themselves every day. A journalist and proofreader by trade, Amanda embarked on her novelist career with the award-winning and best-selling Heaven Intended Civil War series. A World Such as Heaven Intended earned the 2016 YA CALA award. Currently Amanda has several more books in the process of being published.


In addition to writing novels, Amanda works in the film industry writing and copy-editing screenplays. She was awarded Best Writer 2020 (Red Letter Awards) for her work as a co-writer on the movie The Islands. To learn more about Amanda, who’s lucky and blessed to be living in a world such as heaven intended, visit her web site:


CAROLYN ASTFALK writes from the sweetest place on Earth, Hershey, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband and four children. In addition to her contemporary Catholic romances (sometimes referred to as Theology of the Body fiction), including the young adult coming-of-age story Rightfully Ours, she is a contributor. She is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild and Pennwriters. When she is not washing dishes, doing laundry, or reading, you can find her blogging about books, faith, and family life at

LESLEA WAHL is the author of the award-winning Catholic teen mysteries The Perfect Blindside, An Unexpected Role, Where You Lead, and eXtreme Blindside. The characters in this short story, Luke, Celia, Austin, and Grandma Grace, appear in her newest adventurous novel, A Summer to Treasure. Leslea’s journey to become an author came through a search for value-based fiction for her own children. She now not only writes for teens but also has become a reviewer of Catholic teen fiction to help other families discover faith-based books. Leslea lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and children. The furry, four-legged members of her family often make cameo appearances in her novels. Leslea has always loved mysteries and hopes to encourage teens to grow in their faith through these fun adventures. For more information about her faith-filled Young Adult mysteries, please visit


  1. M. GAOUETTE is the author of the Faith & Kung Fu series for young adults, as well as The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch and For Eden’s Sake. She also contributed to the last two Catholic Teen Books anthologies, Secrets: Visible & Invisible with her short story “Sister Francesca” and Gifts: Visible & Invisible with “Just Jesus.” Her novels have received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval (except new releases for which the seal may be in process). Born in Africa, raised in London, England, Gaouette now lives on a small farm in New England with her husband, where she homeschools their four children, raises goats, and writes fiction for teens and young adults. A former contributor for Project Inspired, Gaouette’s desire is to instill the love of God into the hearts of her readers. You can find out more at

CORINNA TURNER is the author of the I Am Margaret and unSPARKed series for young adults, as well as stand-alone works such as Elfling and Mandy Lamb and the Full Moon (for teens) and Someday (for older teens and adults). She has just released The Boy Who Knew (Carlo Acutis) the first book in her new Friends in High Places series about friendship with the saints. All of her novels have received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval (except new releases for which the seal may be in process). Liberation (‘I Am Margaret’ Book 3) was nominated for the Carnegie Medal Award 2016 and Elfling won first prize for “Teen and Young Adult Fiction” in the Catholic Press Association 2019 Book Awards. Several of her other books have been placed in the CPA Awards and the Catholic Arts and Letters Award.

Corinna Turner is a Lay Dominican with an MA in English from Oxford University, and lives in the UK. She has been writing since she was fourteen and likes strong protagonists with plenty of integrity. She used to have a Giant African Land Snail called Peter with a 6½” long shell—which is legal in the UK!—but now makes do with a cactus and a campervan. You can find out more at


New titles Out Today!

I’m super-excited about the first one! Have you heard of Carlo Acutis? He’s being beatified next Saturday, 10th October. He died in 2006 at age 15 from acute leukaemia, and is considered the likely future patron saint of the internet!
My novella THE BOY WHO KNEW tells his story from the point of view of a 2020 teen who has just been diagnosed with leukaemia too. It’s the first in a planned series of quick-reads about saints (Friends in High Places), told from the POV of fictional teen protagonists.
Here’s the blurb:
“You have leukemia.”

“That’s what the doctor said. Mum and Dad are stressing out so bad, and taking it out on each other. I feel so helpless. Maybe that’s why I turned to Fr. Thomas. But he just gave me a Carlo Acutis prayer card, like some holy dead boy is going to be any use.
“Then again, what have I got to lose?”

Daniel’s just received the worst news a teen can get. The adults in his life are crumbling under the shock. In desperation, he turns to his parish priest for help and is introduced to a boy his age, Carlo Acutis—who just happens to be dead.
Daniel’s convinced the priest is wasting his time. But as he struggles to come to terms with his uncertain future an unlikely friendship develops between him and the holy dead boy—who may not be quite so dead after all.

The Boy Who Knew is the first title in Carnegie Medal nominee Corinna Turner’s new ‘Friends in High Places’ series. If you’ve always been interested in the saints but find dry biographies boring and hard to get through, this fast-paced story is for you.

Paperbacks and Kindle eBooks available from: HERE. HERE.
Paperbacks and ePubs also available from Barnes & Noble and anywhere that sells books!
– + –

The second book out today is the little MANDY LAMB novella, THE WOLF, THE LAMB, AND THE AIR BALLOON. I have no plans to write an extended Mandy Lamb series at the moment, and was actually trying to write a short story. But it turned out short novella length instead! Enjoy!
Against his better judgement, James agrees to attend the school fête disguised as Mandy’s friend’s dog. But problems soon arise that have nothing to do with the full moon. Will Mandy and James survive their day out?

This quick-read is a sequel to the novel Mandy Lamb and the Full Moon, a page-turning rural fantasy about friendship, trust, and courage—and not letting what you are define what you do. Those looking for a unique, challenging read will love these “animal yarns with a Christian twist.”

Paperbacks and Kindle eBooks available from: HERE. HERE.
Paperbacks and ePubs also available from Barnes & Noble and anywhere that sells books!




The Hounding of Carl Jarrold, Soulless Assassin


“Love doesn’t exist. And Fr. Jacob is right about one thing. Without it, life is utterly meaningless.”


Carl Jarrold, a convicted assassin, believes that all human relationships turn on what one human being wants from another: that there is no such thing as love and thus no meaning to life. Prison chaplain Fr. Jacob, the closest thing he has to a friend, has struggled for three long years to convince Carl how wrong he is—to no avail. But the day of execution has finally arrived, and nothing goes quite as Carl expects. Soon it’s shaping up to be the strangest day he has ever had. But will it prove the worst day of his life…or the best?

This tense, “psychologically-compelling,” spiritual thriller is a standalone novella from the Carnegie Medal Nominated author of the award-winning I AM MARGARET series. Described as “beautiful,” “fantastically good,” and “one of the most moving stories I have ever read,” this is a race against time for the highest possible stakes.

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Includes a free sample of the novella Brothers

This book has received the SOA from the Catholic Writers Guild.

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Don’t miss this article about ‘Three Last Things’ in The Catholic Herald, from the pen of journalist Victoria Seed.

“The question Three Last Things sets before us is not if the death penalty is just, but what it costs in terms of our souls. If Carl dies unrepentant he will be damned. There is no sentimental universalism in this story: Fr Jacob is frightened for Carl because he knows Hell is real. The challenge of this story is to share Fr Jacob’s horror at the thought of any soul, even that of a murderer, going to Hell.

Sorry about the paywall. I think if you sign up for the free account at the moment you’ll be offered a half-price subscription which is worth it in my opinion. 

Beautiful! Corinna Turner is one dang good writer!

REGINA DOMAN, author of The Angel in the Waters and the award-winning Fairytale Novels series.

Fantastically good! It made me cry real tears, circumventing all my defenses. I have never read a more psychologically-compelling account of conversion anywhere. It makes very complex and sophisticated truths about grace, sin, freedom, mercy, justice, atonement, redemption, repentance, and salvation crystal clear and compelling, without being cloying or “nice,” or contrived.

DR. VICTORIA SEED, Theologian and Speaker

WOW! I was soooo on the edge of my seat! Tense, and suspenseful, and touching, it had me alternating between laughing out loud and cringing and cheering and wanting to cry. I totally loved it!

SUSAN PEEK, author of the God’s Forgotten Friends series

WOW, fantastic! Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

ANDREA JO RODGERS, author of At Heaven’s Edge and On Heaven’s Doorstep

One of the most moving stories I’ve ever read.


An Interview with Bonnie Way

Today I’m interviewing Canadian author Bonnie Way. Bonnie is a stay-at-home mom with five children aged 12 to 2. She’s a homeschool graduate who is now homeschooling her oldest four children. After growing up Lutheran, Bonnie converted to the Catholic Church in university and now loves learning more about the saints and the teachings of the Church. She and her husband have been married for 13 years and currently make their home in Vancouver, BC. When Bonnie is not writing, she can be found reading a book, biking or hiking with her family, or baking something in the kitchen.


As well as books, she also writes a blog called The Koala Mom which aims to cultivate family togetherness for modern moms. She shares stories of daily motherhood, homeschooling, family travel, and family entertainment to encourage moms to keep their kids as close as koalas. She has a B.A. in English (2006) and a B.A. in Writing (2014) as well as over a dozen years of blogging experience.


-What inspired you to become an author?

I’ve wanted to write books since I was a kid. As a teen, I spent my spare time writing fantasy novels. Then I got busy as a mom and didn’t have as much time to write. The actual impetus for becoming a published author this year was a need I saw.

Along with some homeschool friends, I was teaching my kids about our Canadian history from a Catholic viewpoint. We were basically coming up with our own curriculum, modelled on an American history curriculum we’d used and love for several years. I went looking for resources for kids about the Canadian saints and found… not much. There are a few books about St. Kateri Tekakwitha (a very popular saint) and St. Andre Bessette (a more recent saint), and other than that, not much.

So I started writing and created the resource that I wanted for my kids. North American Martyrs Kids Activity Book was finished in October 2019 (for their feast day!) and teaches kids 7- 12 about eight Jesuit missionaries to New France in the 1600s. In January, I started my second book, Canadian Saints Kids Activity Book, about the other 6 Canadian saints (including St. Kateri and St. Andre). I just finished writing it on St. Kateri’s feast day and it will be available at the end of this month.


 -What is your favorite genre and why?

Right now, my favourite genre is nonfiction. I’m really enjoying writing saint stories for kids. As a homeschool mom, my writing time happens while my kids are either busy doing their school or playing happily. I can write nonfiction while listening with one ear to their play, and drop what I’m doing to go help them if necessary. Someday, I’d love to get back to my fantasy novels, but they require a much greater degree of concentration to get into the story and characters, so it won’t happen while I’ve got my kids running around the house.


-How do you develop characters?

For my nonfiction books, I spend a lot of time researching. I did a history minor during my first university degree and I still love doing the research. I start by pulling all the books on the topic out of our library, and usually end up buying a few books when I can’t find what I want at the library.

Then I dig around online for as much as I can find out there. I’ve found some surprising things online, actually. Quite a few of the Jesuit Relations (like a newspaper or journal that the Jesuits sent home from the missionaries) are available online now.

As I read, I think about the saint I’m writing about and start taking notes to create their bio and an image of what they would be like.


-Which character from one of your books means the most to you and why?

My favourite saint so far is probably St. Noel Chabanel in North American Martyrs Kids Activity Book. He’s one of the lesser-known martyrs. I wrote his bio and then took a break from writing during a personal crisis. My husband was offered a job on the other side of the country, which would have let us move into my dream home.

Then he was offered a different job here, which he decided to take, and all my dreams crashed. After spending a month dealing with the death of that dream, I returned to edit my book and suddenly what I’d written about St. Noel was like a flashing billboard at me.

St. Noel, like the other Jesuit missionaries, felt called to come to New France and overcame various obstacles (including family members who didn’t want him to leave France) to get here. And once here, he hated it. Actually, he more than hated it – he loathed it here.

He couldn’t stand the habits of the Huron people whom he was supposed to be teaching. The food disgusted him and he was terrified of being captured and tortured by the Iroquois like so many other Catholics (both priests and converts) had been. He couldn’t even learn the language (despite his giftedness as a speaker and poet in French).

He fell into this huge depression, wondering if he’d somehow missed his calling. Maybe he should just give up and go back to France. Maybe he’d misheard God somehow. Then he had this turnaround point. He made a vow that no matter what, he’d stay in New France as a missionary. He’d be a “bloodless martyr” to his own nature.

After making that vow, his circumstances didn’t change, but he lost his fear of the Iroquois and even overcame his depression. He wasn’t captured and tortured, as the other martyrs were. We actually don’t really know what happened to him; he disappeared while traveling from one mission to another, so he may have been killed by an angry Iroquois or he may have just gotten lost and starved.

Anyway, his story spoke to me in the midst of my own personal crisis. That was over a year ago now and in many ways I still feel trapped as I did then. I try to remind myself that, for now, this is where God wants us to be, and to look on the positive things that we have here, and to be a “bloodless martyr” to my own wishes as St. Noel was.


-What age group are your books best suited for?

I’m a homeschool mom with kids ages 12 to 2, so that’s kind of the age range for my books. (Okay, the 2-year-old isn’t as interested.) I appreciate materials that I can use with all my kids and find that they respond best when they are all learning together.

Most of the activities are geared to kids who can read and write (so ages 7+) but my 4-year-old really likes the colouring pages and mazes. I hope the books can be a fun family activity for other Catholic families, whether or not they are homeschoolers.


-Do you have a specific routine/habits for writing?

I usually start the kids on their schoolwork after we finish breakfast. Then I made myself a coffee and sit down at the computer to look at my email, blogging commitments, and what’s up next for my book project.

Usually I can work in ten or fifteen minutes spurts, in between getting them snacks, answering homeschooling questions, reminding them to do school, getting the two-year-old off the table, etc. In the afternoon, I might have more writing time as they finish school and move onto reading, playing outside, or other activities. Sometimes I can fit in several hours of work on a Saturday.


-What can we expect from you in 2020/2021?

Canadian Saints Kids Activity Book will be available in early May on Amazon. I’m planning to start another kids book that will be available at the end of the year and just need to decide which idea to tackle next – I have several ideas for kids saint activity books! You can follow me on Instagram at @kidssaintbook to see saint quotes and inspiration and news about future books.


Bonnie Way – Book List

North American Martyrs Kids Activity Book (2019)

Canadian Martyrs Kids Activity Book (coming May 2020)

Love Rebel: Reclaiming Motherhood (an anthology to inspire moms) – More info at:

Beginner’s Guide to Growing Baby: Tips to Help You Through all Four Trimesters (with Anna Eastland, coming summer 2020) – More info at:



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